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start using quora, quora is powerful

Quora Marketing

Who doesn’t like free traffic on their website? We all want to spend the minimum and reach a lot of people. To build yourself professionally and connect to a large number of people, we have got one amazing platform Quora. Quora is one great place to start while connecting with millions of people. It is a platform of people, where there are different communities according to a different niche. People ask questions and others gives the answer to the question.

How to use Quora

1.      Daily millions of people join Quora.

2.      You can choose any niche on which you have gained expertise and want to connect with people.

3.      You can choose the questions you want to give the answer to.

4.      You can elaborate your answer as long as possible. (No word limit)

5.      It opens the line of communication with like-minded people, and you get to know what people are looking for.

6.      Understand the potential user base and build your future content accordingly.

How Quora Marketing works

1.      When you answer any question, you can see the people who viewed your answer. And can see the stats, what led those people to your answer. Did they find your content through tagged topics, through your profile or through random browsing?

2.      Choose your questions wisely, never self-promote yourself; it is only about answering the question in the best possible way.

3.      Never make a profile with a dummy name. Use your real name and add your business in the profile, so that people start recognizing you.

4.      Use Quora market research tool. You can search the type of questions people are asking and can plan your strategy accordingly.

5.      A picture speaks a thousand words. You can even post a picture on Quora as an answer.

6.      Link up your Quora profile with other social platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter etc. so that it becomes easy in sharing the answers.

How to Drive Traffic

1.      Once you answer the question on Quora, you need to keep track of the views on the answer, to understand from where you are getting your audience.

2.      Write as detailed answer as possible, because a good answer will get you upvotes.

3.      Share it on other social websites, so that, people come and read your answer on Quora.

4.      Give facts and figures to back up your answer, in that way it looks more genuine and people read it a lot.

5.      Quora answers never get outdated, once you have answered on Quora, it will keep giving you traffic. As daily new people join Quora and look for the answers.

6.      If you keep writing good answers on Quora, you may get a chance to win badges on the Quora, which gives you great appreciation and brand recognition.

7.      Make a killer profile on Quora. Add bio which attracts person; link the profile to your blogs and social media profiles.

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